Our mission is to make Sacramento laugh. Every day.

Sacramento Comedy Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation (47-3441374). In addition to supporting the local comedy community, we partner with other local nonprofit organizations to create comedy event fundraisers that help make Sacramento a better place to live. We operate a youth program that provides improv training for kids, giving them an opportunity to develop confidence and be creative in a safe and supportive environment. We create comedy-related events, like the Sacramento Stand-Up Competition and Sacramento Comedy Festival, that draw comedians and comedy fans to Sacramento. We also operate Sacramento Comedy Spot, an adult comedy show venue and home to Northern California’s largest comedy school for adults.

We believe that a more diverse community is a stronger community. Sacramento Comedy Foundation is committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion, at all levels of our organization, at our events, on our stage, and throughout Sacramento.

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