Adult Comedy School

Sacramento Comedy Foundation runs Northern California’s largest comedy school for adults through the Sacramento Comedy Spot.

We offer individual classes in improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy, as well as group improv workshops. Learn skills that will benefit your personal life and professional career, or get you ready to perform on stage!

Choose a path below and find out more at the Comedy Spot website.

IMPROV 101 – Learn More / Register
This eight-week course is the perfect fit for everyone! You will learn how to create comedy scenes off the top of your head, with no preparation or planning, inspired by students’ true stories.

SKETCH 101 – Learn More / Register
This eight-week course will teach students the basics of writing, creating, and performing in sketch comedy shows similar to SNL, MadTV, Whitest Kids U Know, and Human Giant. You will learn to take those funny ideas and turn them into a live sketch comedy show.

STAND-UP 101 – Learn More / Register
This four-week course will teach you the basics of what you need at stand-up comedy’s “ground zero”. You will learn how to write, edit, and perform the minimum 4-7 minutes of material needed to function at the open-mic level.

GROUP IMPROV WORKSHOPS – Learn More / Book Event
An improv workshop is perfect for businesses, government agencies, schools and organizations that want to improve teamwork, build presentation skills, improve communication and build confidence.